Thursday, February 27, 2020

How different people understand the issues of civil rights and racism Term Paper

How different people understand the issues of civil rights and racism in America today - Term Paper Example The movement stood up for reason, rationality, and above all, liberty. This is important in understanding the underpinnings of modern civil rights movements surrounding fundamental human liberties. Joseph (2014) revisits the Freedom Summer in his article titled, When Civil-Rights Unity Fractured, stating that racial divisions that emerged during the 1960s are still present today and in order to understand the present efforts to build interracial coalitions, the present must be considered in context with its historical legacy and context. The Freedom Summer is an important period in history where began a lasting movement of black activism and involvement. Black revolution intensified during the period as many students became increasingly active and engaged themselves with various movements. Looking back at the Enlightenment Movement of the 18th century, a viable connection can be made with Freedom Summer which ignited activism based on recognition of civil and human rights to fundamental liberties. The main purpose of black activism was not merely to obtain voting rights but their aim went beyond this. With their activism, blacks were looking out for greater political transformation and greater rights for the blacks. To confront racism on a country wide scale was another prominent goal of the activists. The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party played an important role for the blacks as it provided a useful tool for independently organizing their projects. Activists like Fannie Lou Hamer led the party being used as a vehicle to voice their demands. As a great number of black African Americans acquired the right to vote, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party used the voter base in order to challenge the dominant White American Democratic state delegation at the convention. Another aim of the effort was to pressurize the national party and Lyndon B.

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