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Child Poverty Is A Reality New Zealand Essay - 1463 Words

Child Poverty is a reality New Zealand. An ongoing health issue in New Zealand is poverty in children. Children are now living without the basic necessities each day in summer and winter to protect against New Zealand weather conditions. General needs that most New Zealanders take advantage of such as shoes that cover and protect their feet, raincoats that keep them dry walking to school and sunblock to protect from cancer in the future, are lacking for children in poverty. Poverty in children is defined as Children living in poverty are those who experience deprivation of the material resources and income that is required for them to develop and thrive, leaving such children unable to enjoy their rights, achieve their full potential and participate as equal members of New Zealand society Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty (2012). The topic of this essay is to talk about the inter-relationship between environmental factors such as barriers to healthcare, socioeconomics, and socioeconomic status and city li ving. It focuses on the issues of children in New Zealand living in poverty especially those going to school with no food, shoes or clothing. Barriers to health care influence the wellbeing of children living in poverty, especially in low socioeconomic status, as they are at a higher risk of health issues. Walking to school every day without closed shoes or raincoats can lead to serious health risks in the future. â€Å"Children in poor communities are 3Show MoreRelatedChild Poverty : An Advancing Social Issue Essay1568 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout this paper, discussions will take place on, child poverty, an advancing social issue in New Zealand. Also, reasons why child poverty is a social issue in New Zealand will be debated. In addition, key concepts of three core sociological perspectives; structural functionalism, symbolic interactionism and conflict perspective will be explored. Followed by, explanations of child poverty in New Zealand, from each of the three perspectives will be given in order to explore the different viewpointsRead MoreNewsworthiness of Child Abuse Cases821 Words   |  3 Pagesperceptions an d images of reality are often shaped by the actions and decisions of news editors and producers (Surrette, 1992). The role of the media according to O’Shaughnessy and Stadler (2008) is to give the public an insight on what is happening in the world and to make sense of that information to the public. The main focus of this essay will be looking two main concepts which are newsworthiness and the dark figure of crime, relating 5 news articles that are centred around child abuse that have featuredRead MoreCrime As A Social Construction Essay1721 Words   |  7 Pagespeople, higher forces or believing their acts are harmless. In this essay I will begin by talking about crime as a social construction then touch on child abuse in New Zealand followed by a discussion of how my social contract theory helps us to explain this crime. 1.2 Crime as a social construction Crime as a social construction is the idea that reality is created in our minds. What we perceive something to be ends up to be what it is. Crime, often described as deviance is a labelled behaviour. IfRead MoreA Study On Child Poverty Essay2778 Words   |  12 PagesBN508000 Sociology for Nurses Course Coordinator: Jude Roddick Essay topic: Child poverty in New Zealand â€Å"High rates of child poverty are a cause for concern, as low family income has been associated with a range of negative health, education, justice, labour market and social outcomes. Negative health outcomes include low birth weight, infant mortality, poorer mental health and cognitive development, and hospital admissions from a variety of causes† (Craig, Reddington, Wicken, Oben Simpson,Read MoreHow Long Has Money Been Around For And Why Does It Exist? Essay1566 Words   |  7 Pagescover news for individuals in society to see so the common people would want to appear similar to those portrayed on worldwide news. Individuals in society are force fed news about people that have no positive significance to society. This distracts individuals from expressing their individuality and misleads the youth who look up to the older generation. According to ( â€Å"musicians, sports stars and actors were the most popular role models among those polled, with reality TV celebritiesRead MorePoverty Alleviation : Cash Or Non Cash Assistance? Essay1498 Words   |  6 PagesPoverty alleviation: cash or non-cash assistance? Alleviating poverty has never been an easy task for both developed and developing countries. Alongside the debate of who are considered poor, the public has never come to a conclusion whether cash or non-cash assistance should be prioritized for poverty alleviation. This essay explores the benefits and challenges of both types of approaches. Additionally, the country context is also discussed to analyze how the level of countries’ economic developmentRead MoreConsolidating Theory and Research: Childhood Studies2928 Words   |  12 PagesPart one: Essay This essay will discuss the new theories of Childhood Studies, possible benefits to teachers and children and how it relates to New Zealand early childhood practice. Let’s begin by looking briefly at what childhood studies entails. Childhood studies is a relatively new field of study that seeks to move away from the outdated theory of seeing children with a ‘social construction’ lens, where a child is a product of a particular set of culturally specific normsRead MoreThe World Problems Of North America1516 Words   |  7 Pagesoutdated. Also, such notions grossly undermines the impacts of colonization that still persists in many formerly colonized nations such as almost all of Africa. It important to note that first world nations such as Canada, the US, Australia, and New Zealand are also colonized nations. Prior to colonial European settlers, Indigenous people lived in those lands now occupied the descendants of the colonizers and many immigrants who came thereafter. Not long ago, I recall a hashtag that was trending aboutRead MoreSocial Issues Within The New Zealand Essay2545 Words   |  11 PagesIntroduction In the midst of being bombarded by political campaigns during the 2014 New Zealand general election, I found myself getting into slightly more political discussions. Through these discussions I was opened up to how much inequity there was in New Zealand and also, realising how many different perspectives there were on social issues. For the past 20 years Pakuranga has been considered as a safe National seat, along with the infamous MP Maurice Williamson. In this investigation, I haveRead MoreThe Dilemma of a Pregnant Teenage In the world of today, one of the most predominant controversies,1000 Words   |  4 Pageseducation on sex, why it is important for them to refrain from any sexual activities, until they are of matured age and emphasize that their future is far better without been a baby mother. Because once you have a child, your life is not completely yours anymore; it now revolves around the child. Example is when a teen goes to high school every day from 8:30am – 3pm, doing of their homework’s, and studying for exams is stress free; compared to when a baby is involved, you cannot got to class without having

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